Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Treasury

A fun feature on is the ability to create treasuries. To quote the help guide "The Treasury is a member-curated gallery of short-lived lists of 12 hand-picked items each (plus four alternates)".

I was lucky enough to snag a treasury last night. I picked a color theme of Purple and Grey, for no particular reason. Here are the great etsy items I found to fill the treasury with !

One treat with treasuries is that anyone can investigate these items more closely. It is a great way to promote cool shops. To find the shops I have featured, go to to do a search on the seller name, which is the light grey name under each picture. Since the name is pretty small, click anywhere on the picture to open it in a larger window.

Once on the etsy home page, look for the search bar which has 'Handmade Items: Tags, Titles' as the default filter. Click the down arrow to find and click 'Sellers: usernames'. Then type in the seller name (grey name from treasury), to search for the shop you are interested in.

Happy Clicking !!

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