Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blogging Tips: A Few Good Sources

New bloggers like me need lots of resources to make their pages better. My investigations have turned up two excellent places so far, full of helpful information. I'll share what I have found, and show you how I am experimenting on my blog with the tips from these helpful sites.

First I found plenty of bloggers by searching on etsy.com's forum page:
This is how I discovered etsian Contrariwise's blog. What luck ! The article from Friday, December 5th, is full of blog tips. Ideas include How To Increase Traffic To Blogs, Using The Blogger Followers Feature, Blog Promotion, and Getting the Most from Google Image Search. I went down the list and picked ideas I could use today. 

crochet flower blue

First, I wanted to know how other bloggers were adding links to pictures. This process was explained clearly, and here is my image with a link to my etsy shop --> Click it ! Once I get Photoshop Elements (Thanks Santa), I could also add text to the picture.

Next I was curious about the ability to size pictures with more flexibility than blogger allowed. I found a helpful tip on this too! By using pictures on my Flickr Photostream, I could easily resize them, then copy the pictures to my blog page. For example, here is the same picture in a square size (75x75):
and again, but in small size (188x240):
Excellent, now I am in control, or so I think right now! Contrariwise's blog has many more helpful tips, so I recommend you visit this helpful blog soon.

I found another site that is so packed with information that I think my coming days will be spent reading and experimenting a bunch more. Tips for New Bloggers is all about helping newbies, and anyone else ready to fine tune their blogs. This resource will certainly keep me busy, and improve my blog over time.

If you know of other helpful blog tip sites, please leave comments here so everyone can find out where to look.


Doris Sturm said...

Wow, that is very useful information, Kathryn. Maybe I will resume blogging again after the Holiday rush because you have some wonderful, helpful information, Kathryn, to make it easier and more fun to blog. Thank you. I appreciate that. I really like your blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are sharing some of your blogging tips. Since I am used to doing some of these things, I don't even think about it being hard for those who are new.

It also makes me think I need to go work on my poor, lonely blog, lol.