Monday, December 29, 2014

༺ Braided Cable Bonnet ༻

With the cold weather settling in over Colorado, I took the time this winter to add some bells and whistles to my basic knitted bonnet hat. I wanted to make a prettier brim, so I added a cable twist pattern. I think it looks a little like a pie crust edge!
Next, I wanted the back edge to have a pattern too. I got that look by purling the last four stitches on the front side, and the first four on the back side. It looks ribbed, I think.
The hat fits like a hood, but doesn't have a pointy top. The sides come down and warm the cheeks and neck, giving warmth to the whole area.

Winter causes a lot of creativity to flow for me, both for hats and scarves. Thanks for checking out my latest head covering.