Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best Crochet Hook

crochet needle hook chair plush It seems that this adorable plush easy chair is always by my side. Scissors can slip behind the heart pillow for safe storage, and the seat even raises for secret storage ! My trusty embroidery needle is always poking up from the cushion, ready for the many times a day I need to use it. These are the tools of my hobby.

I use a few different crochet hooks on a regular basis, but I would have to say the 2.00 mm size is my most utilized. I don't go smaller than that, so 2.75 and 3.00 mm are the next sizes most in use. When I crochet with the larger needles it feels awkward at first, but with some time I get used to the new feeling. These pansy appliques were made with a 2.75 mm needle. I also use a hook grip, that's why the needle has the blue cover on it.
crochet bouquet flower pansy purple Does anyone know a quality crochet hook maker? Leave me a comment if you do. I'd love to get some handmade hooks to give as gifts in 2009.

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