Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Colorado Buttes and Jack Rabbits

The state of Colorado has so many places to explore. I have seen mountain towns, with their rich mining history, and the wonderful Rocky Mountain National Park, with impressive peaks and interesting animals. However, I'm the type of person who prefers the beauty of eastern Colorado. Here you can look up to the mountains in the west, yet move among the swaying grasses of the prairie.

Our farm is located south of a special attraction - the Pawnee National Grassland park. I can imagine buffalo and Native Americans making their life on this land. The sandstone Pawnee Buttes are striking too, standing tall, overlooking everything and everyone passing by. Raptors and other birds build their homes here, making the landscape even more interesting to explore. I love seeing a bald eagle soaring overhead, or sitting tall and proud in a tree, surveying the landscape. The grasslands hold these sights, as well as other interesting animals.

rabbit colorado
Jack rabbits are such funny creatures. Their black tipped long ears are very expressive. If I come upon one as I slowly drive down the dirt road, the rabbit sometimes stays where it is and just lays its ears far back, in a kind of cloaking stance. It makes me smile to see the jack rabbit hiding like that.  These rabbits can really run though - just ask my dog, Kiwi the whippet. 

Colorado is a great place to live, although sometimes the snow and ice can get me down. This year we will have a white Christmas, so I guess the snowfall is worth it sometimes.

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