Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ↁ How's Gardening Going? ↁ

Plants, both desired and undesired (weeds) are growing well in my garden this summer. I'm expecting to be very busy in August, and here are some pictures to explain what I'll be doing.

The sunflowers are about to bloom - I'll need to figure out how to get to the seeds before the birds harvest them all for me:

sunflowerThese plants are so tall that the sweet corn plants behind them look tiny ! I guess we don't grow corn like they do in Iowa, right Mark?

I also have some cucumbers and melons coming in. I enjoyed a salad with these garden items for dinner tonight: cucumbers, beets and lettuce (which actually grew in a pot indoors by a window).

Finally, since I'm all about flowers, I have to show a picture of some zinneas I grew from seeds. Notice that one of our honey bees is also a fan:

zinnea bee flowerLet the freezing, canning, and eating commence !! How's your garden growing this summer?