Friday, December 19, 2008

Blogging Tips: Add Picture Link

Web readers expect to be able to click on words and pictures to get additional information. I recently added an etsy button to my blog that links to my etsy shop. Here are the steps I followed.
  1. Go to etsy resources page
  2. Follow instructions to customize button code
  3. Copy button code
  4. Go to your blog, click customize, click add a gadget
  5. Scroll down, then click add HTLM/JavaScript
  6. Type a Title (optional), paste the button code in the content box, click Save
  7. Arrange gadget then click Save
The button code can also be inserted into a blog post. Use the Edit Html tab instead of the Compose tab, then paste the code into the post. Here is my button:

There are tons of ways to improve blogs. I will keep searching them out and reporting what I find. 

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