Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Fact - YouTube Teaches

Learning Photoshop Elements has taken me on a journey, pouring over both printed books and online help manuals. With so much to learn, I have also found that YouTube has tutorials available. The thought of actually watching someone teach me a technique has drawn me over to YouTube more frequently as time goes by.

utube iphone photoshopIt is easy to find a YouTube tutorial for Photoshop. Then, I open both the video and a Photoshop project on my Mac. That way I can start and stop the tutorial as I practice the new techniques. 

I can also use my handy iPhone to reach YouTube. I can search for tutorials, or spend some time reviewing what is popular in all kinds of strange topics. Here's a really funny sketch about a "Man Cold".

My pictures here on the blog should improve as I learn new tricks. Getting the iPhone to look like it does over there took me much longer than I'd care to admit !!

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