Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sights During a Colorado Winter

Living in the north eastern part of Colorado gives us the ability to be on the plains, and take short drives to get into the mountains. I enjoy living in the lowlands and visiting the hills. I guess I prefer coyotes to bears.
 I saw this bald eagle out my window this week. The hawks and eagles appreciate a nice fence post to pause upon as they watch for mice and prairie dogs.
 On our last drive up the Poudre Canyon, I enjoyed seeing the river water running through the ice.
Rock outcroppings are another favorite sight of mine. It was a cold windy day, but I had to get out of the car to snap a few pictures of the beautiful scenery.

I've been crafting less lately, but have been knitting socks as I can. The last time I made a crocheted rose, I actually had to use my own pattern to remember the details! That's a sure sign I have been away from flowers for too long.