Saturday, January 10, 2009

Love the Healing

Today I was fooling with pictures and found out I'm in love with the Photoshop healing tool. I took this picture of peacock feathers, but it had a few light spots I didn't like.

peacock feather photoshop
So I tried out the cool healing tool. I selected the tool that looks like a bandge, held down the option key, then clicked on the source pixels. This picks the colors to use in the bandage. Finally, I clicked on the light spots. That's it ! The source pixels covered up the problems. No more white spots, just a pretty picture of peacock feathers.


Elayne said...

Beautiful pictures, is that from your pet peacock?

Elayne said...

I didn't realize that you also had a Whippet, aren't they great. I have had this breed for over 30 years.

Welcome said...

Yes, these feathers came from Pete. We have a bunch in some vases. I would sell them if I could figure out how to package them !

Doris Sturm said...

Pete is one amazing bird! Go, strut your stuff Pete! what does he eat, Kathryn? Do Peacocks eat the same as chickens? I often wondered!
Nice photo! You're just having too much fun, Kathryn ;-)

Welcome said...

Pete does each the chicken food, but his favorite thing is dried corn pieces. Also, he's a great bug hunter in the warm weather. He will come up to the house and pick off miller moths and flys, which we appreciate!