Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dobermans are Hams !

Besides chickens and a peacock, our household includes a whippet dog and two dobermans. Today I was watching the dogs and enjoying the 60 degree day. Karla and Oz volunteered to pose for some pictures.

Karla is the black doberman and Oz is the red one. They are brother and sister. We adopted them this fall as full grown dogs. I wish they had natural ears, but we didn't get to make that choice for them. They do strike a powerful pose with the erect ears though. 

It was so nice outside today ! The sun was shining, and the wind was calm. Having weather like this in the middle of winter is quite a treat. Colorado could use some moisture here in the eastern part of the state, but I did enjoy being outside with the dogs.

Karla helps with all human activities. She pokes her nose in everywhere ! But with a cute face like this, she is usually a welcome companion. 

I hope your day was nice too !!


david santos said...

Brilliant posting!!!!
I love dogs!!!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

You mentioned doberman and I came running! I love seeing your dogs. Karla reminds me of the three I have had in my life: two Rudolphs (second one was named BlackJack, but we kept calling him Rudolph and he still came) and a Demi.

I can hardly wait to get another.

Doris Sturm said...

I love dogs too. Yours are very handsome animals. I would feel very safe having them around. I miss having big dogs, but my little Pekingese, Gizzy, thinks he's my guard dog, so it's ok. He thinks he's big and I think I'm pretty so we match ;-)

Thanks, Kathryn, for sharing. I love your blog.

Anabel Luna said...

I also have a miniature doubleman but my son didn't fix his tail and ears .He is very agressive ....! But I love them two....!


Anabel Luna said...

Sorry ...! I didn't explain why i called my doberman "doubleman " it's because he is very agressive and thinks he is the only one in the house.Always wants to be the first one on everything , but my greyhounds - wippets are the opposite , they are so lovely and sweet....i always and everyday have a though time to keep them together nice and in peace...but i love him , his name is "daxter" the doubleman....