Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wind Power Baby !!

Unlike the north US, Colorado is pretty warm today. The wind is also blowing, so I have lots of power to spare. Our wind turbine is spinning, plus the sun is shining on the solar panels. Yippee ! I've done two loads of laundry and the dogs are enjoying the sunshine. So in keeping with the wind theme, I thought it would be fitting to feature a few etsians today, who, through their craft, also proudly display wind turbines.

wind turbine t-shirt happyfamilyThe first is happyfamily.  They feature "Tees for the whole family ~ Guys, Girls, Kids & Babies!", including hand screen wind turbine prints on tees and tote bags.  These turbines are larger than I have here at the farm. We do have at least two wind farms near here though, with tall beautiful towers like this graphic shows. So cool !! 

The other etsian I want to show is toybreaker. This shop has "ties that don't suck".  I found ties with wind turbine graphics on them. 

Not only are the ties pretty, they take great pictures of them too. Those greens and blues are some of my favorite shades. 

I hope everyone stays warm, and we keep getting nature's energy today.


Anonymous said...

How cool! Thank you for including our work... we wish we had a few of these or even just one at our house! We keep hearing talk of underwater turbines that can be used in rivers (like the mississippi) and are really interested in those right now too.

Doris Sturm said...

You go - Baby! I just love your blog, Kathryn!...and the way you live. So self sufficient out on the range. It's great to read about your life. Thanks for sharing.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and compliments on my beaded flowers.

Your crochet flowers are so amazing and lifelike! Your Etsy shop & so pretty and your photos are great!