Thursday, January 1, 2009

Got An Old Typewriter?

Who knew that creative artists would think of making jewelry from typewriter keys? I've been seeing adorable items on lately that remind me of old typewriters from my past. Here is a great piece from retrocafeart:

typewriter key jewelry retrocafeart
My grandmother was a small town newspaper reporter. Her job was to collect local news and type it up for the weekly paper. What I wish I remembered more clearly was how the whole production worked. I know she sat in the front of the office, but in the back of the business interesting things were going on. There was lead to melt, and typesetting to be done. I wonder if anyone makes art from those old lead typeset letters?

My college papers were all written on a typewriter. The big deal back then was if you had an electric typewriter or not.  My parents sent me to college with a beautiful blue electric typewriter. It didn't have self-correction or anything fancy, so white-out was the way to fix the inevitable mistake I'd type near the bottom of the paper.  I appreciate the ease of computer typing so much more having gone though those times.

Another nice key piece comes from the shop of KeysAndMemories:

On a recent visit with my brother, we looked over a vintage typewriter he has. Remember the manual return that you had to hit at the end of each line of type? Or the way the keys themselves look like hammers on a piano? It was always important to set the margins correctly. The keys themselves really are special and their worn surfaces speak volumes from the past.

I hope you have some good memories of the typewriter too ! 

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