Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kiwi the Whippet !

dog whippet pet kiwi birthday
I can measure a section of my life by looking back on the life Kiwi and I have shared over the past 12 years. Digital cameras were just coming about back then when we visited the litter of whippet puppies. I remember using a regular camera to take pictures of the puppies, then having to wait a few days to get the pictures back. Seems like forever ago.

Kiwi is my constant companion and friend. Today is her twelfth birthday !! We probably won't have cake or candles, but she did get a special dog treat, and we will go for a walk later when it warms up. She loves to sniff around, run and jump, and if we get so lucky, chase up a jack rabbit to run after. She can't cover the same amount of ground as she did in her prime, but Kiwi can still give a rabbit a scare.

Whippets are quiet, clean dogs. We lived in a townhouse when we originally brought her home. The breed we selected had to be compact, and not too barky. Kiwi will occationally make a greeting sound, somewhat like 'hoo hoo', but besides that, she is not a barker. She'll kiss intruders, not bark at them. So she is just a sweet companion, who only asks to be included and kept warm. What a great pet she is !


Anabel Luna said...

Beautiful....I love them ...i have 2 of them in blue ( grayy ) I love my two babies...They are so nice and friendly...very lovely dog......Blessings.!

Elayne said...

Aren't Whippets the greatest. I have two right now that are rescues, Merlin and Kaley, I have had this breed for over 30 years. They are so sweet and clean. I love my babies.

Doris Sturm said...

Awww, how sweet! Happy Birthday to you, Kiwi, and many, many more...

Doris and Gizzy