Thursday, September 3, 2009

✈ Milk in Your Eye ✈

Recently I learned an interesting remedy for the pain of getting hot pepper oil in your eye. Milk or Soy Milk ! We have started cooking up some of the vegetables coming out of the garden. The hot pepper made the dish spicy and good. However, after the meal, a tiny speck of pepper oil made it into my husband's eye.

In pain, he asked me to do a fast internet search to find out how to relieve the pain. A number of pages mentioned milk, so he tried some soy milk to see if that would work. He said the relief was immediate after he dabbed the corner of his eye with the soy milk. So, apparently either milk or soy milk is a good remedy !! Here is a picture of our pepper plant:

garden pepper milk
My sweet potato plant is doing well in the garden. Remember how it started out on the windowsill?

This picture was taken last March. Soon it sprouted deep red leaves, and by May, the spud had a whole lot of light green leaves growing all over it. I took out the stakes, planted the sweet potato plant in the garden, and it is still growing as of September. I haven't looked for any sweet potatoes yet, but hopefully in a week or two the digging will begin.

Here is what it looks like now:

Hopefully there are nice sweet potatoes under the ground. Regardless, this was a fun experiment and I learned about a new garden plant.


Doris Sturm said...

Thanks for that tip. I'm always very careful when handling hot peppers, but that is good to know. Some peppers are so darn hot, even washing your hands with soap and water won't take all of it that milk remedy is very helpful.

Isn't it wonderful to harvest your own homegrown veggies?

The Nature Nut said...

Best of luck with your sweet potatoes. I had planted a few about 5 years ago. At the end of the season some critter started digging them up (most likely to get at the sweet potatoes). I kept filling in the holes and replanting them as best I could, but I never got to taste any of the sweet potatoes I had so lovingly grown :o( I hope your experience will be better than mine!