Tuesday, March 24, 2009

♫ Sprouting Sweet Potatoes ♫

Over the weekend I watched a few PBS garden shows. In one segment they talked about the lovely leaves of a sweet potato plant, and how easy it was to sprout in a window sill. This sounded like an easy project, so I got a sweet potato at the market on Monday, and now have a little sprout project at my house !

sweet potato sprout toothpick The idea is to hang a potato in a vase of water and give it sunshine on a window sill. I thought we had toothpicks at home, but when I went to find them, I discovered they were colorful, but pretty flimsy. Not deterred, I figured I would just add more and they would work anyway. Here's my sweet potato, all pierced up -->>

It should only take a week or two before I have sprouts and pretty light green leaves. I hope ! When I was a kid I tried to sprout avacado's (with very little success), but this is my first potato project.

I found a pretty picture online that shows what the leaves may look like if my experiment works out. If anything comes of this spud, I will post an update later in the season. Have you ever sprouted one of these ??

sweet potato leaves light green

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gwengoods said...

fun project, keep us posted to how it turns out.