Sunday, August 30, 2009

♥ Doberman Sculpture ♥

Karla, our beautiful doberman dog, recently inspired an etsy artist to create a sculpture of her. The timing of this gesture was special, since Karla had a real health scare this week and there was at least one moment when it appeared she might be in real trouble.

dog doberman sculpture
The etsy artist who created this lovely piece is DustyRoseDesigns. I had previously blogged about her sculptures in this post. Later, she was reading my blog and spotted the picure of Oz and Karla sunning themselves on the patio. From this picture came the inspiration for this beautiful sculpture of Karla. Please visit DustyRoseDesigns shop for more lovely items, including this bunny, and these charming squirrels.

Karla was bit by a rattlesnake last Monday. It got her twice in the back leg as she ran by. She probably never even saw what caused the pain, as usually she barks and backs away from snakes like a pro. After a fast drive to the vet, an injection, and a prescription for antibiotics, Karla was able to come home for recovery time.

Today is about the first time she has seemed close to feeling normal again. At first she seemed to be in pain, and was cycling large quantities of water and going outside. This was hard because of the leg's swelling, but she was brave. This pattern continued for many days and nights. Slowly she started being able to put more weight on the leg, so laying down and walking got much easier. Today, 6 days after, she is doing much better.

So thanks DustyRoseDesigns, for capturing this special dog in sculpture. She means a lot to us and we are so happy to have her feeling better now.


crochetgal said...

I know all too well how one feels when one of the 'family' is not well. Your Karla was portrayed beautifully. I'm glad to hear she is on the mend as well..

Doris Sturm said...

I'm glad Karla's doing better. I often wondered what I'd do in case of an "E" for Gizzy as the nearest Vet is over 20 miles away and most likely I'd be on foot - away from home - and not have access to my vehicle right away...very scary, but I'm glad she's recovering.

Nice sculpture!