Sunday, August 2, 2009

✈ Ants All Over Me ✈

Here in prairie grasslands country, once a year the ants take to flight and do some really strange things. I just checked on wikipedia, and found out it is called the Nuptial Flight. For me, it means flying ants are swarming around the house, birds are eating them and sometimes hitting the windows in their excitement, and generally I want to stay indoors.

In trying to be more positive about this normal event, I decided to look around on and find some examples of ants that would make me smile.

This adorable sandwich bag comes from the shop of Shale Photography. The ants don't have wings here, so I am good with this cute ant example. Stop by and see all the other items in the fun shop, including this beautiful greeting card.

I found this linoleum ant print in the shop of Bello Books:

This ant is pretty realistic looking !! Check out this shop and take a look at this other cute print of a couple of baby birds.

I'm all about finding solutions to situations, which is what lead me to this next picture:

In the shop of We & The Bean, I found the perfect antidote (in my mind anyway). Now I have to think up a way to lure a couple of ant eaters to Colorado. Take a look at this adorable owl I also found in this creative shop.

Thanks for peeking in on my blog today.

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