Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hail is Cruel

It could have been worse. They were predicting winds of 60 miles per hour. That would have erased the poor garden plants completely. Instead, we just got the hail and a little bit of rain. While the moisture was welcome, the hail did a fair amount of damage to the young vegetables in the garden. I hope they can recover !

I think the tomatoes got the biggest beating. Their leaves got ripped to bits! The pepper plants lost the pods they were developing. We were able to collect some that weren't too torn up.

While I was snapping these pictures, a nasty red ant got into my shoe. I haven't been bitten by our ants before and will plan to wear socks and sneakers next time I venture into their world! Ouch !

If only the storm had done something about our Miller Moth infestation. This year is the worst we have seen. Luckily they don't bite!

Spring is always interesting on the plains. Next to arrive are flying ants and mosquitoes !! I think I'll stay inside and crochet !!

On a more cheerful note, Barney the chihuahua is all grown up now. He'll be two in September.

One of Barney's favorite pass times, besides hanging out with me, is looking out the patio window and fussing at the birds in the grass. I guess he considers the yard his domain !!

Here is what Barney looked like before I gave him a spring haircut:

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