Wednesday, September 29, 2010

♪ Don't Cry About It ♪

Ever find yourself weeping while cutting up onions?

Here is a quick post to share a few simple, yet effective onion chopping tips. As I started another batch of salsa this week it occurred to me that maybe I should do some research to better prevent my garden onions from making my eyes water so much. What I found was very helpful, so I thought I'd share:

- As I cleaned the outer skins and greens from the onions I did the work in the sink with cold water running on them.

- It was recommended that the onions be cold, so I popped them in the refrigerator before I chopped them.

- For the actual chopping, I lit up my favorite scented candle right behind the cutting board. Since the onion creates a gas when cut, I read that a candle would burn the gas before it gets the chance to irritate eyes.

- I used a sharp knife, which helps reduce the creation of onion gas.

Using these techniques made a dramatic difference ! I recommend these tips !! If you have other methods, please share them in the comments.

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Doris Sturm said...

I love the candle idea - never heard of it, but it makes sense. I usually do the running water thing and the sharp knife and I always keep my onions in the fridge, so they are cold...thanks for the tips. I don't know of anything else, other than to just use one of those onion choppers where the onion is inside the dome and you are somewhat protected from the gases/fumes ;-)