Tuesday, June 1, 2010

✈ Swarm of Bees ✈

Sometimes events happen that just take priority. That's what happened here over the weekend.

What started out sounding like a low flying airplane actually turned out to be a moving swarm of honey bees. They were flying around our house looking for a place to live. This yellow weed flower became their temporary home yesterday afternoon.

After some research, my husband decided to make an attempt to keep the bees. We already have two hives, so what's a few thousand more? The picture doesn't show all the bees around the base of the plant, but let me assure you, there were lots down there !!

The bees (and the plant!) are now in a screen topped large cardboard box, in a barn for shade. A new wooden hive is being built, and soon the bees will be introduced to their new cozy home. I think we will have lots of honey this fall !!


Doris Sturm said...

Good for you - I'm glad to hear it. Enjoy your new hive!

Happy June :-)

The Beneficial Bee said...

Aren't you lucky that the bees landed on the ground!

CrochetBouquet said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. We feel lucky to have bees in our lives.