Saturday, June 6, 2009

✈ Busy Bees ✈

I know where the phrase 'busy bee' comes from !!!! Observing our two bee hives reminded me of the meaning really quickly. It was a warm afternoon, and the bees were out collecting pollen. Here are some pictures of the bees coming and going.

I'm pretty impressed by my camera too. I have an old digital camera, the Sony Mavica. Amazingly, it uses floppy disks for film. I was standing a good distance from the hives, yet my zoom was able to catch the wings of the bees in flight !!


amazoncat said...

I love bees! Are your hives recycled drawers, they look great?

Welcome said...

No, the boxes were built from a kit especially for bee hives. We got it through the local Bee Association here in Northern Colorado.

Sharon said...

I am glad to see people beekeeping! Though it's not for me, I surely support what you're doing for increasing the bee population! Hope you have lots of sweet honey success!

Doris Sturm said...

I'm so happy to see this, Kathryn. I love bees! I think they're so adorable, besides very industrious and important.

I gave a honey bee speech at my animal group last week. You are right, they do so much!

I wish I could become a beekeeper too, but not while I'm living here in these apartents, but if I ever get the chance to move into a house, I will definitely become a beekeeper.

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of them.

Lazy Daze said...

We have recently started bee keeping too. I have some pictures of ours way back in my blog.

Lazy Daze said...

Wow I could see the bees wings in the last picture. Amazing.