Sunday, May 3, 2009

♥ Found a Ring ♥

Today I got a chance to make someone's day. While shopping in a local grocery store, I was having trouble pushing my cart. Annoyed at first, I tried to spin the wheels, back the cart up, anything to make it cruise properly. Looking down at the wheels to try to detect the trouble, my eye spotted something sparkly. It was a ring !

The foreign object that had bothered my cart's wheel was actually a really pretty diamond ring. On closer inspection I saw that it had one large diamond in the center, then smaller diamonds on either side. Plus, there were a bunch of little gems, more diamonds and some ruby red stones. The ring looked so out of place sitting there on the floor.

The ring looked to be in fine shape. Who had lost it? No one around me was acting unusual, or searching frantically. Did the owner of the ring give up on trying to find it? How long had it been lost?

At the customer service desk I found answers. Just a few hours earlier a woman had reported her ring missing. She left a phone number and description of the ring, which matched perfectly. So I called the number and told her answering machine the good news. The store would hold the ring in a safe place until she could come in and claim it. I felt relieved.

Have you ever found something and been lucky enough to find the owner? I feel fortunate to have made someone's day, brought a smile, and re-united the pretty ring with the person it must have meant a lot to.


Doris Sturm said...

It's nice to make someone's day! I used to lose jewelry all the time (which is why I quit wearing it) and never got any back, so I can imagine how nice it must feel to find an honest person who cares.


ronopolis said...

At least you didn't go back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth-and.... to try and free up the wheel :-)