Sunday, April 27, 2014

༺ Weeds Be Gone ༻

If you hate to use nasty chemicals to get rid of weeds coming up in walkways and patios, I have a great alternative method. I found a recipe that creates a spray to help keep grass, sunflowers, dandelions, and other weeds from filling the cracks in your walkways. I used it recently, and can say "It Works"!

Here is the recipe:
  • Vinegar - Two Cups
  • Liquid Dish Soap - One Tablespoon
  • Salt - One Tablespoon
I found an old jar, doubled the recipe, and mixed it all up. Then I found a simple spray bottle to pour the mixture into (I used a funnel). Next, I took the spray bottle outside and gave those unwelcome weeds a nice soaking. It was easy and I felt good not having to buy or use more serious chemicals on areas where my dogs and I hang out.

The results were pretty fast. Within a few hours I saw the weeds starting to turn brown. I resprayed tough patches of grass to be sure they got a nice covering. Soon, the weeds were very brown and shriveled up. Success!

This is one recipe I want to keep on hand and use as needed.

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