Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fingerless Gloves - Winter Must Be Coming !

It seems like every year when the weather begins to change and get colder, I pick up my knitting needles again. This year I decided to see how sock yarn would work for making fingerless gloves. Here's how the first one came out.
I'm using a set of #3 circular needles. I did use a set of #6 for the first two rows, however, to make sure the opening was really stretchy. They work up fairly quickly, and are a fun project to pull out in the evening for a nice knitting session. I like the wild colors too - that's so me !

Another project I can show is a cute sleeve I made awhile ago. It is for my Kindle, and I just made random patterns of knit or purl and some ribbing to see how I liked the sleeve idea.
Turns out it is the perfect thing for tucking the Kindle away. I used acrylic yarn in a fun tweed brown color. Red Heart doesn't seem to make this yarn anymore, which makes me sad. I used a sock making technique to start the bottom of the sleeve, so no seams were involved.

Soon I'll take on making socks when the snow starts to fly and winter is seriously upon Colorado once again.

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