Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meet Pepper

Pepper has joined the pack!  She is about 10 months old, and a mix of blue heeler and border collie. Her coat has lovely grey/white/black speckles with large black patches. Here is a picture of her exploring the yard.
Pepper was living in town with a nice family, but wanted more room to run. We are able to provide space, so we brought her to the farm this week. Pepper took to the yard wonderfully and became friends with our dogs very easily.

Our other dogs Oz the doberman and Barney the chihuahua are getting to know to their new friend. We allow Barney to have his couch area fenced off so only he can get through. When he feels the need for a safe place, he can run into this room and hop up on the back of the couch. Oz is teaching Pepper that sitting on the spiral staircase is a great way to look out of the windows.
We are glad Pepper is part of the family now and look forward to teaching her the ins and outs of living in the country.

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