Tuesday, May 18, 2010

☂ Maple Tree Sprout ☂

Yup, I have sprouted a maple tree from a seed !! Isn't it cute !!

maple tree sproutI soaked the seed in water for 2 days, then laid it under a thin layer of potting soil. I kept the pot in warmest window each day, moving it around the house like a mad scientist. Well, it paid off as you can see. The little sprout looks full of life.

I plan to move it outdoors after it gets a bit larger. Hopefully with some attention I will have another shade tree in a few years. Life is all about patience, right?

The little lemon tree sprout continues to grow too. Here is how it looks today:

Besides my indoor experiments, I have been planting flowers and vegetables outside. Colorado has had a windy, wet and cool spring (not complaining) so the season is about two weeks behind schedule though. Yesterday I put out some annuals on my south patio. The tall bed is new, and hopefully will keep out local rabbits from nibbling down my blooms.

flowers patio annual garden annual plants patioWhat's growing at your place?

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Doris Sturm said...

Hello Kathryn,

Great that the little maple tree seedling sprouted! I love growing things from seed. It's exciting to watch the progress. I've got a bunch of cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket, but they're only an inch tall so that will be a while before I get tomatoes from it. I think I planted them a bit late. I also have some strawberries, catnip and milk thistle seeds started in containers since container gardening is the only thing I can do while living here in this apartment.
It's good to "see" you again. Happy gardening and you can have some of our heat. It's been summer heat and humidity for weeks and my A/C hasn't stopped running - I HATE summers here, but can't move till my car's paid off - for another 2 1/2 years!

Happy Wednesday :-)