Sunday, October 11, 2009

♥ Celebrating Customers ♥

As of today, my etsy shop has 196 sales. It is pretty exciting to be getting near the 200 mark! I have my wonderful customers to thank for getting me to this point. As a way of saying thanks to the customers, I'm offering a special treat to whom ever becomes the customer to tip me over the 200th mark.

crochet rose contest etsy
Here is how it will work: these roses will be given to the first customer to purchase a mailable item that puts me over 200 sales. For example, if the 200th sale is an emailed pattern purchase, then the next mailable purchase after that will be the winner. I will cover any additional shipping costs over your original purchase.

These roses are made from wool yarn, and are my popular 10" long stems. They look great in vases by themselves, or mixed with other stems. They also make nice gift decorations. Use your imagination and leave me some comments on how else you think my rose stems can be used.

Thanks again to my customers for getting my shop to this stage of success !!!


laughingfridge said...

Beautiful roses! You could lay one on the bed pillow with a mint to welcome overnight guests!

CrochetBouquet said...

I have a winner !! Thanks again for supporting my shop !! Watch for future contests.